One Day, Two Mirrors

It is past time to have moved everything that is destined for the house into the house. These mirrors needed to come in and claim their space.

I had the big couch against the long wall in the living room but the size the hickory mirror seemed off balance.

Long couch along wall

Long couch along wall

So the couch and loveseat traded places and the mirror centers over the loveseat perfectly.

Hickory mirror over loveseat

Hickory mirror over loveseat

I used the Ramjet nail sink to attach the mirror to the concrete wall. The first short nail rammed all the way into the wall and I couldn’t extract it. I just used a longer nail in about the same spot.
The second mirror was my grandmother’s. She had it in her hallway and I’m pretty sure it came from her old house. Maybe even her parent’s house. It is ornate and I had it in my more ornate living room in Arizona. Here in Colorado it seemed perfect for over the Victorian tub. This one is hung on two screws driven into plastic drywall sleeves.

Grandmother’s mirror over Victorian stele tub.

Grandmother’s mirror over Victorian style tub.

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