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Air delivery in a tight house

Family Affair Soffit

Both my brother and my sister helped install the soffit for the ventilation ductwork. We finished two ten foot sections. John recommended building it with the metal studs and he showed me how to use them. Jean was very helpful … Continue reading

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Central Vac Piping Revisited

I was writing support emails to Aspria about the vac connections before I got sick and today I reviewed the email and repiped the vacuum. Temporarily as they still need to be glued. Here is the advice sent to me … Continue reading

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Central Vac Install

The new central vac was installed today and I spent all day on an incorrect piping system that I had to change based on this diagram. The very first pipe I put in was a three way Y directed vertically … Continue reading

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Central Vac Arrives

I’m unaccountably excited about the new Central Vac. I don’t like cleaning at all. It seems like such a relentless and thankless task and I’m wired to want to do something more permanent I guess. But installing the vacuum is … Continue reading

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Central Vacuum System

LEED allows one point for installing a central vacuum system to improve air quality within the home. Central vacuums must have HEPA filtration and exhaust to the outdoors to meet this requirement. There are at least three different types or … Continue reading

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I had to give up on the chiller again. I had repiped through the heat exchanger with a single path for the return water to pick up the coolness but the chiller could not reduce the temperature in the floor … Continue reading

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Between visits I contacted Todd at AE Building Systems to finally purchase the Energy Recover Ventilator. I had long ago planned to install this device to meet the LEED requirements for air exchange in our well sealed house. Todd had … Continue reading

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Short Walls and Shower Ceiling

A few extra walls have been built and we are very close to being finished with them. I have scheduled a structural inspection for next week. I hope the walls pass inspection without issues. This short shower plumbing wall had … Continue reading

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LEED recommends an HRV or ERV mechanical ventilation and air purification system to provide adequate ventilation and air quality in a super tight structure. AE Building Systems also carries one of the most energy efficient Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV). The … Continue reading

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Designing Ducts

Duct Design has been a bit tricky. The information about designing a suitable duct system for ventilation only has been difficult for me to find and interpret. Most duct design documentation is for heating systems and the fan speed numbers … Continue reading

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