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Between visits I contacted Todd at AE Building Systems to finally purchase the Energy Recover Ventilator. I had long ago planned to install this device to meet the LEED requirements for air exchange in our well sealed house. Todd had … Continue reading

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Family Visits!

A few breaks this summer included camping with my grandson, Wolfgang and his parents while his mom counseled at a camp for kids. It was near the ocean and a beautiful place. We stayed in a KOA Campground cabin near … Continue reading

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Attempted Structural Inspection

I was under the impression that the walls needed to pass inspection before the electrician could use them for installing electrical. However, when the inspector arrived yesterday, he said the rough electrical and plumbing has to be done first. But … Continue reading

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Shower Drain

The rough in shower drain flange is installed in the master bathroom. I had to use the power hammer to break up the concrete around the drain and eventually cut out a section of rebar to fit the drain below the … Continue reading

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Re-Piping the Chiller

I tried repiping the chiller to a primary/secondary delivery system. The Taco 11 pump was set up to pump through the primary loop and feed into and out of the secondary loop powered by the Grundfos variable speed pump. I … Continue reading

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Short Walls and Shower Ceiling

A few extra walls have been built and we are very close to being finished with them. I have scheduled a structural inspection for next week. I hope the walls pass inspection without issues. This short shower plumbing wall had … Continue reading

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Master Bath Sink Plumbing

The new underground plumbing for the master bathroom met the old vent pipe. The old sink drained into this pipe and the new sink will too. But I had to reconfigure the pipe for the new sink. I replaced the … Continue reading

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Master Bedroom Doors

We planned for double doors to the master bedroom and it is truly exciting to see the entrance finally framed in. The door is at an angle to the living area and hallway to the back rooms. We thought the … Continue reading

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Radon Sealing

There is a lot of attention to detail that has to be paid during the construction. One requirement of the radon mitigation is to caulk all the penetrations through the slab. Since our water lines and drains do penetrate the … Continue reading

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Electrician’s List

Most of the walls are in and we are planning to get the electrical done as soon as possible after the walls are built. Last summer the electrician redid the service box and put in the outside disconnect and we … Continue reading

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Two Doors

These two door frames are in the master bedroom. The door on the left is for the walk in closet and the one on the right accesses the bathroom. The angles were a little tricky in order to fit two … Continue reading

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Trying a Chiller Again

I do not give up easily on an idea, especially when my research shows it is viable. It is just a matter of setting up the right combination of cooling and circulation to create a chilled floor. About a week … Continue reading

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Pocket Door

We have friends in construction who don’t like pocket doors. They say no matter what the door will eventually move off track and out of alignment and they are a pain to fix. But I had planned for a pocket … Continue reading

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Fixing the Plumbing

After our courtesy rough plumbing inspection, there were a couple of items I had to take care of. The side drain to the bathroom sink had too many connections. Only one is allowed between the trap and the wall pipe. … Continue reading

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