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Family Room Shower Plumbing

The shower in the family room bathroom is long and narrow. The faucets are all Delta Water Sense and I chose the champagne bronze color for this bathroom. The color is similar to brass which I thought would give it … Continue reading

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More Electrical Work

The electricians started the rough electrical work on August 5th. Today they may have finished with everything on the original plans. There were some changes that were challenging, like the fact that the ceiling wires had to be enclosed in … Continue reading

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Plumbing Progress

We’ve been making progress on the rough plumbing install. The corner cabinet framing for the pressure balance valve and plumbing for the master bath tub was completed. The next step was to connect the tub plumbing. There are shutoffs that will … Continue reading

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Mang Ox Filter Repair

The chlorine batch connection to the iron filter started leaking few months ago. I didn’t have time or inclination to figure out what was wrong with it after a few quick tries to tighten the connection didn’t work. I was … Continue reading

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Central Vac Piping Revisited

I was writing support emails to Aspria about the vac connections before I got sick and today I reviewed the email and repiped the vacuum. Temporarily as they still need to be glued. Here is the advice sent to me … Continue reading

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How Could I Explain This to a Plumber?

The faucet for the roman tub is a freestanding antique style, meant to be exposed and reach over the rim of the tub. But we have a slab so getting the plumbing to the faucet is a bit tricky. I … Continue reading

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Updated Operation and Training Manual

Lots of time goes into the documentation for a LEED certification attempt. I have actually enjoyed the work because it is so centered in research and bringing together expert advice in many different areas of building science. The Operation and … Continue reading

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