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Central Vacuum in Action

Ahhh. Listen to the whooshing sound of the air sucking up tons of dirt. Wow, look at the dust disappearing from the duster into the innards of the pipe opening. A bit louder but what a great tool the power … Continue reading

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Moved Modem

Ever since we moved in, the modem for our internet connection has been installed right at the garage door. There is a closet built in there now and although the electricians installed an extra outlet for the equipment, it did … Continue reading

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Central Vacuum Wiring

When I had everything finally connected and all the inlets installed it was late in the afternoon and I was tired. I opened an inlet and nothing happened. Then I opened the vacpan inlet and all the inlets came on. … Continue reading

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Central Vacuum Connected

I finished connecting the central vacuum piping and wiring today. Even with all the parts I had ordered, I ran out of pipe and 90 degree sweep elbows so had to wait two days for Amazon to deliver more. I … Continue reading

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Central Vacuum Accessories and Piping

I’m working on the central vac piping. The pipes are GO VACUUM brand for vacuum systems. These are 2″ but a bit smaller than Schedule 40 PVC. They supposedly build up less static inside them and fit the inlets exactly. … Continue reading

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Structural Inspection

We had a structural inspection a few months ago when we thought it had to come before the electrical was put in the walls. Instead, it had to wait until the rough plumbing and rough electrical were passed. I assumed … Continue reading

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HVAC Inspection Failed

I’m not actually surprised that I failed the first inspection of the ventilation system. It makes sense that I would do some things incorrectly or at least not up to code. In this case I substituted lightweight zip ties over … Continue reading

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Foobot Air Quality Monitor

This Foobot air quality monitor is a very cool device. I purchased it from a seller on ebay for about half of retail. It is an easily set up device using a smart phone app. It comes in an orange … Continue reading

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Ventilation Controls

The standard controller that is included with the Recoupaerator is a manual variable speed on/off wall dial control. The wiring on the back of the panel consists of six wires and it comes with a very short cable attached. I … Continue reading

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Reopening a Roof Vent

We had patched the two existing roof vents in the old attic when we insulated the roof. But then I decided to use one for the ERV exhaust. I opened the vent by cutting the metal front corners and bending … Continue reading

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