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Front Entry Closet

The front entry is spilling over with stuff. It is the staging ground for recycling boxes and recent tools and stuff going out to the RV and extra stuff from my kids move that I haven’t organized yet. Given my … Continue reading

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Master Closet

The master bedroom has been occupied several times since I set up the furniture in there. Our daughter and her family moved to Aachen, Germany at the end of May. They emptied their house and rented it so they needed … Continue reading

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Storage Closet

Sealing the gap between the walls and the floor in the storage closet has been on the to do list for some time. I emptied the closet and vacuumed the floor to access the gap on the outside walls. The … Continue reading

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Another Radiant Cooling SetUp

I have again set up the 1/3 HP aquarium chiller that I bought in 2016. This time outside so that the heat from the chiller is not released in the utility room. The controller is inside and the wiring and … Continue reading

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Sun Shades

It’s been a slow summer for home progress. A series of family visits and the passing of my dear mother have taken our time and energy. I was also hospitalized three times and I’m getting tired of it. I’m having … Continue reading

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