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More Boiler Business

Even though I thought I did all the research necessary to make a good decision, I have spent time doubting the choice I made for the boiler. The radiant system was sized using the Manual J calculations for the existing … Continue reading

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Dropping the Attic

The first step was removing the rest of the loose fill fiberglass insulation from the attic rafters. Messy job. I bagged all the loose fill in case I need it to fill in or increase the depth of the insulation … Continue reading

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Mang Ox Water Filter

The well water test came back with questionable news about the water. The stains in the plumbing already indicated rust and lime (calcium carbonate) in the water and the new boiler/water heater requires that the water not be high in … Continue reading

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Slab Edge Continued

The slab edge had to be sealed against radon. I had decided to use roofing tape (Eternabond Webseal) and after returning to see that the Sanitred had pulled away from the edges of the cement, it was an even more … Continue reading

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LEED Expert Visits the Site!

Yesterday a LEED expert and architect designer came from Washington DC to visit the project and give me a personal consultation gratis!! This unbelievable event was arranged by her mom, who with her husband had the house designed and built … Continue reading

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