Attaching the roof joists

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  1. Cut two 2x4s for roof joists. One end of each 2×4 will be the original 90 degree angle but the lengths down the two sides are different so the other end will not be 90 degrees. The lengths of the two sides are found in cells (H12) and (I12)
  2. To install the roof joists.  The previous page shows the assembled frame laying on its back. Now you will flip the frame over so it is lying on its front. (See upper left). The roof joists will be bolted on the frame at the 90 degree side of the 2×4. The shorter side of the roof joist will be closer to the top of the glass frame. In the upper left photo, that means it will be closer to the camera.
  3. The roof joist will not be flush with the front of the frame (which is currently on the ground) It will be recessed somewhat to allow the glass pane to sit in the opening. Look at cell D13 – this is how far back the butt end of the roof joist must be from the front of the frame / ground. Look at the photo on the upper left. There is something (in this case, a tape measure) holding the joist back from the front / ground. There is also a clamp to hold the joist so one can drill a hole and insert a carriage bolt to keep the joist pretty much in place.
  4. When both joists are attached it will look similar to the photo below. The joists will be able to move somewhat