Water Supply

As new Colorado residents arriving from water wasteful Arizona, we had a lot to learn about how Colorado has either chosen or been forced to view the rights and obligations of water usage. In Arizona we could direct our rooftop water in any way we chose, owned a large pool for little water cost, and irrigated our landscaping. But in Colorado water does not “belong” to the landowner and it is expensive. The new rain barrel permit rules are so restrictive as to eliminate most potential users. And the rules kept us from even designing a grey water system for our house.

CO Rooftop Water Permit Rules gws-78


DWR_Rainwater Flyer

Colorado Designated Water Basins

Colorado Well Permit Guide

The Colorado Regulations dissuaded us from planning a grey water reuse system for the house. Greywater just became legal while we were designing the water system.

Colorado Grey Water Regulations

Greywater reuse for toilet flushing in Colorado

Greywater hot or cold energy retrieval

Health Concern using Grey Water

When we first bought our home, there was a water and sewer lien for which the city of Arvada required full payment when the home was sold. The lines were installed after the last owner bought the house and they sued because they were not told about the possible neighborhood vote on the matter before the sale. But they lost because nothing had been decided and they had a right to vote on the issue.

We fully intended to sign up and hook up the city water but the cost was very high. The lien of $30,000 was paid by the foreclosure bank, but the current hook up fee at the time was a little over $20,000 plus the cost of the trenches and the lines. So we are using the property well that has a very good flow rate.

Depth to Water Table in Golden and Surrounds

Well Planning Guide

We are using the pressure tank that was already here but it has no bladder so it is quite large. It seems to be working OK though.

Sizing a Pressure Tank

How to Flush a Well Pressure Tank

We had our water tested at the state water testing offices in Denver.

Colorado Water Sample Information

Colorado Deluxe Water Tests

Our water tested as safe but hard with minerals so because the water is critical to the boiler system I had to figure out how to have it treated.

Hardness in Drinking Water

How To Treat Iron Well Water

Iron and Manganese in Drinking Water

After researching the best ways to remove the iron and manganese, I decided on a Mang Ox tank system with a Fleck Valve.

Mang-Ox filter system

Mang-Ox Data Sheet

Mang-Ox Chlorine Rinse

Mang-Ox System Start-Up

Fleck7000SXT Service Manual

Fleck7000SXT Spec Sheet

Pentair Fleck 7000 SXT 2248

After the Mang-Ox filter the water goes through a whole house carbon filter. I used to have two of these in series and they were black with iron in a week but after Mang-Ox, I reduced it to one and the filters do not stain–I change them about every 6 months.

Campbell Water Filter

To distribute the hardness within the water flow so that it does not precipitate out as easily, we use an electronic magnetic device. To protect the hot water heater piping we also use a 3M Aqua-Pure scale inhibitor filter.

Magnetic Electronic Water Treatment

ClearWave Electronic Water Conditioner

Aqua-Pure Scale Inhibitor Brochure

Aqua-Pure Scale Inhibitor Instructions

We have still not set up reverse osmosis. It is expensive and wastes water. If I could redirect that water past the boiler system to the household, it might make sense. But our water seems to be clean enough for now.

Reverse Osmosis For Drinking Water