The Wafflemat slab system is definitely the most innovative solution for our major remodeling task of replacing the cracked and heaved slab in our new home. I found the system on the Internet using Google and researching expansive soil foundation solutions. It was the kindness of the engineers running the company though who were instrumental in getting this innovative system designed and installed to solve our slab problem. It is working wonderfully too. We had the wettest year in recent times last summer with a typical dry period afterwards and our floor is intact, level and shows only surface cracking which is completely normal for a concrete floor.

Texas Wafflemat
http://www.texaswafflemat.com/ (defunct)

Also Wafflemat USA
http://www.wafflematusa.com (defunct)

This system has been used to help gain LEED points.
Wafflemat Helps Builders Obtain LEED Points


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