Constructing the frame for the glass


Now we are ready to cut some boards. I prefer to buy and paint all the boards I will need before cutting.( I have used the $10 / gallon paint sold through the Restore. ) This step should be easy to visualize – you will be creating a rectangle just slightly larger than the pane of glass.  To fasten the 2x6s together, I use 3″ drywall screws and pre-drill a hole through the outer board being attached.

  1. Take two standard 2x6s (cell D3) and cut a corner off one end of each. The end of board starts as being a 90 degree angle. Cut from one corner to make an angle equal to your solar angle.
  2. Cut the top member (length = D11) and bottom member (C11).
  3. Attach the top member on top of the two sides.
  4. Measure down and attach the lower member between the two sides. The opening should be (B6 + B9)