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Solar Thermal Plans

I have been wanting to install solar thermal panels to help heat the hot tub water since the hot tub is the major draw on our electrical power. We have prime sunshine and solar hot water heaters were very popular … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Spa Water

The spa water was getting dirty. There was sand on the bottom that did not seem to be getting to the filter.  So I bought a small Intex vacuum kit to suck up the dirt through the filter system. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Contactor Chatter

The contactor is a switch that is used for high power applications. In this system it is normally closed until power is called for by the heaters through the PC board. Acura Spas expert Joel told me the chatter meant … Continue reading

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No Power to Spa Pump

At first I thought that the power problem could be something the electrician could figure out for us. But they could not send someone over right away so I got out the multimeter to check for power. I found the … Continue reading

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What about that Spa?

The day before we arrived home the electrician was ready to hook up the electrical to the spa so he did it and when we got home it was already hooked up. It couldn’t be tested until there was water … Continue reading

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Back to Spa Prep

I had to stop part way through the spa prep to go on multiple vacations. Poor me. So back at projects now that we are home. I’m working on finishing the spa insulation and then mouse proofing the cabinet before … Continue reading

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Spa Prep

I started working on the side of the spa that is next to the deck wall before we left for Estes Park and finished it when we returned. My two sons helped with this project–stretching 1/4″ hardware cloth to keep … Continue reading

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Moved the Spa but…

Dave and I were able to move the spa onto the concrete pad by some accurate trailer back up placement and an ingenious plan to hold the spa on the pad while the tilted trailer moved forward. Much easier than … Continue reading

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Slab for Spa

Today we finally got the slab for the spa poured! It has rained all week so we had lots of water to bail out of the form and from around the outside of the form. The rain also delayed the … Continue reading

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Moving the Fish

So today was spa moving day! We hooked up the new trailer, stopped by Arvada Rent-alls and rented a Gin Pole and a set of 8 ton rollers. We also had filled up the truck with tarps, bubble wrap, tape, … Continue reading

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Give a Man a Fish–or a Spa Mover

Yeah, I was so going to have someone else move the spa. But then they gave me grief, maybe we can get to it, maybe there will be access at your house. I sent photos, I sent specifications. That tub … Continue reading

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