LEED Docs V4.1

Documentation for LEED for Homes revised for LEED 4.1 Building and Construction-Residential

LEED 4.1 Building Design and Construction Scorecard

Pursued Points

Prereq / CreditCredit InformationPointsDocument
Integrative Process
Total -2
Option 2
Design Charette
Full Day Workshop
Dibble_Twinsprings Charrette Agenda 
Design Charrette
Option 3
Trades Training
At least eight hours of training on the green aspects of the project and how the installation contractors can contribute to achieving each LEED for Homes prerequisite.1
LEED Training Certificates
14 GBCI Continuing Education (CE) Hours
Completed 3/2/2012
Location and Transportation

Floodplain Avoidance
Required Flood_PlainWArvadaLot  
Site Selection
Option 1
Sensitive Land ProtectionTotal 8
Path 1Previously Developed 100%4Dibble Res_A100 – SITE PLAN_12-1205
Option 2
Infill Development
Lot in previously developed neighborhood2
Cameo Estates Lot Map
Option 3
Open Space
Built within a 1/2 mile of open space that is at least 3/4 acre1Access to Open Space
Option 5
Bicycle Network and Storage
At least 10 uses
A school or employment center
The project is a single family home with garage, or has secure and covered bicycle storage.
1Bicycle Path Map to Shopping Center, School, Grocery, Fitness Center, Restaurants,

Sheds and Attached Garage
Option 6
Existing infrastructure
Within 1/2 mile of water and sewer.1Arvada Utility Districts Water and Sanitation Map 

Neighborhood excerpt from Arvada City Water and Sanitation Map

Resolution 05-018, Concerning Municipal Special Improvement District No. WS-46 (Cameo Estates)
Prereq / CreditCredit InformationPointsDocument
Sustainable Sites
Prerequisite 1
Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
Erosion and sedimentation control planRequiredErosion Control Construction Area
Prerequisite 2
No invasive plants
Removed invasive autumn oliveRequiredNoxious Weed Species | Department of Agriculture 
Heat Island Reduction Option 1Nonroof and RoofAlternative roof funtion-Tesla solar roof
Heat Island Reduction
Option 2
Tree Planting

Install tree with canopy width of 20 feet, or trees with shading area of 315 square feet.
1Landscape Plan
Aspen planted
Rainwater Management Option 1Low Impact Development percent of impermeable hardscape-impermeable lot percentage 11.2% of 1.8 acres with house included213673 W 78th Survey
Non-Toxic Pest ControlFor below-grade walls, use solid concrete foundation walls, masonry walls with a course of solid block bond beam, or concrete-filled block.
Seal all external cracks, joints, penetrations, edges, and entry points with appropriate caulking.
Exemplary extra point for double implementation points

Cassion Foundation

Install rodent- and corrosion-proof screens (e.g., copper or stainless steel mesh) on all openings greater than ¼ inch (6 millimeters), 1Xcluder Fill Fabric Installation
Design discharge points for rain gutters, air-conditioning condensation lines, steam vent lines, or any other moisture source such that discharge is at least 24 inches (600 millimeters) from the foundation.1Impermeable Lot and Site Drainage Diagram 
Design a minimum 6-inch (150 millimeters) inspection space between the surface of the planned landscape grade and nonmasonry siding.Foundation Preparation
Install ports or openings for all plumbing elements that penetrate the slab, to allow access for inspection and treatment of pest infestations.1Plumbing inspection ports
Design landscape features to provide a minimum
18-inch (450 millimeters) space between the
exterior wall and any plantings.
1No plants within 18 inches of exterior walls
Prereq / CreditCredit InformationPointsDocument
Whole house water meterRequiredBluebot Wifi Water Meter
Well waterTrueWater Treatment
Prereq / Credit
Credit Information
Water Efficiency   
Credit Indoor Water Use
Water pressure has been tested. There are no detectable leaksRequiredPressure tank holds water pressure when faucets are off. 
Lavatory Faucets
All Watersense labeled
Average flow 1.06 gpm.
3WE 3. Watersense Kohler Antique Faucet 193662 1.2 gpm
Watersense Delta Trinsic Faucet 1.5 gpm
Delta Victorian Kitchen Faucet in rear bath with .5 GPM flow restrictor


All Watersense labeled
Average flow 1.75 gpm
2Watersense Delta T17238 Lahara Shower 2 gpm
Watersense Delta Bar Hand Shower 1.75 gpm
Delta Victorian 1755RB-716RB Shower and Tub Faucet 2 gpm
Watersense Delta Cassidy Shower Head 1.75 gpm
ToiletsAll Water Sense
Average flow .8 gpf
3Watersense Stealth Dual Flush Toilet  
Clothes Washer
Energy Star
2EA 9. GE Washer Energy Star Rating
Credit Outdoor Water Use
Efficient Landscaping

Percent turf
Percent native plants 75%
4Non-irrigated buffalo grass-native grasses
Native landscaping plants
Prereq / Credit
Credit Information
Energy & Atmosphere 
Prerequisite Minimum Energy Performance
RequiredEnergy Star 3 Checklist
Energy Star ChecklistRequiredRater to complete checklist
Energy HERS RatingRequired
Energy TargetRequired 
Energy Star Refrigerator
EA 9. GE Refrigerator GWE19 Energy Guide
Energy Star Clothes WasherRequiredEA 9. GE Washer Energy Star Rating
Energy Star DishwasherRequiredEA 9. SPT Dishwasher Energy Guide
All ducts fully ductedRequiredAir exchange ductwork
Prerequisite Energy Monitoring
Whole house electric monitorRequiredXcel Energy
Whole house gas MonitorRequiredXcel Energy
HERS Case 2 Major Renovation 
HERS Index Rating
HERS Index impact of the Size Adjustment Factor (SAF)
HERS Index (SAF Adjusted)
Prereq / CreditCredit Information PointsDocument

Option 1. Efficient Hot Water Distribution


Case 2. Hot water source circulation loop

 Hot water source is a circulation loop or
heat traced pipe serving a single unit or house volune of water in piping 2.87 gallons
 2Dibble Plumbing Water Supply Plan
Hot water pipe insulation
R 7.3
Insul-Lock Pipe Insulation
EA Credit Refrigerant Management

Refrigerant usedR410A  
SystemSplit/Unitary DX
Mr. Cool Mini Split
Refrigerant R410A 33.9 oz
Prereq / CreditCredit InformationPointsDocument
Materials and ResourcesNon-Tropical Wood RequiredFSC Wood Vendor Notification Letter
Prerequisite Durability ManagementNonpaper-faced backer board, or a product or coating over wallboard that meets standard ASTM D 3273 standard, was installed on the area above bathtub, spa or shower, and in areas behind fiberglass enclosures where wallboard is installedRequiredBathroom Drywall

Rear Bathroom Remodel
Water-resistant flooring was installed  in the kitchen, bathroom(s), laundry room, spa area(s).  No carpet was installed in these areas.RequiredAll sealed concrete in reconstructed floor
Bathroom floors tiled
Water-resistant flooring was installed in entryways within 3 feet of exterior door(s).RequiredAbsorbant Door Mats
A drain and drain pan, drain pan and automatic water shut-off or flow restrictors, or floor drain with floor sloped to drain was installed for all tank water heaters in or over living space.RequiredLaundry Room Floor Drain
A braided washer hose, drain and drain pan, drain pan and automatic water shut-off or flow restrictors, or floor drain with floor sloped to drain was installed for clothes washer in or over living space.RequiredFloor Drain with braided hoses
Conventional clothes dryers exhaust directly to outdoors.RequiredVented to outside
After completion of construction, test to verify that there are no detectable water leaks.RequiredNo water leaks
Credit Durability Management VerificationNo cold water piping installed in unconditioned spaces1Cold water piping protected casing
Environmentally Preferable Products 
Local Production
% Locally produced framing 90%Interior framing all reused
% locally produced aggregate 50% Aggregate Mile High Proposal
% locally produced drywall 100%Local Drywall GPS2012Mar08

Base floor only (i.e.‚ sealed concrete) 100%
Floor CoveringConcrete with at least 30% fly ash/slag and 50% recycled content aggregate OR 90% recycled content aggregate
Concrete Floor ready-mix-sds-mar-2015
At least 25% postconsumer or 50% preconsumer recycled content 80%
All interior framing reused 
InsulationAt least 25% postconsumer or 50% preconsumer recycled content 100%Roxul COMFORTBATT-USA with SS
Polyiso Retrofitted to Sloped Ceiling
ConcreteConcrete with 90% recycled content aggregate 100%Concrete Floor ready-mix-sds-mar-2015
DoorsAt least 25% reclaimed

Reclaimed doors
Interior doors
Two folding doors
Airlock entry door
CabinetSustainable Agriculture Standard
At least 25% postconsumer or 50% preconsumer recycled content 100%
Used pine furniture for cabinets in kitchen 
CountersAt least 25% postconsumer or 50% preconsumer recycled content %100
Counters are reused materials
Family bathroom
Primary bathroom
Rear bathroom
Interior TrimAt least 25% postconsumer or 50% preconsumer recycled content %100Interior trim reused from renovation
Decking/PatioAt least 25% postconsumer or 50% preconsumer recycled content %100Landscape Decking Rubber Pavers
WindowsExtended producer responsibility 100%Alpen Windows 525-S-Series-Datasheet
Credit Construction Waste Management2
Diverted material streamsCarpet, Concrete and Dirt, Metal, Framing and trim (4)Carpet
and Trim
Divert 75% and 4 material streams94%by weight
Construction Diversion Ratio
Credit Material-Efficient Framing2
No more than one horizontal 2x top plate on walls by aligning studs with joists and roof rafters was installed.  Top Plates
Window and door headers were placed in the rim joist.Windows and Doors
Headers were sized for actual loadsPost and beam
No load bearing wall headers
Beams sized in original construction
Interior wall studs were placed greater than 16” o.c.Walls 24″ OC
Prereq / CreditCredit
Indoor Environmental QualityOperations and Maintenance Manual  Operations and Maintenance Manual  
EQ Prerequisite Ventilation
Local exhaust systems designed and third-party tested to meet the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62.2–2016
Ventilation Calculations
Local exhaust systems exhaust air directly to the outdoors.
All bathroom exhaust fans are ENERGY STAR-labeled or an HRV or ERV is used Ultimate Air Recoupaerator Description
Panasonic – FV-05-11VK1
Panasonic FV-08VRE1
Whole House Mechanical Ventilation
The building is designed and third-party tested to meet ASHRAE Standards Sections 4, 6.7 and 6.8 or local equivalent, whichever is more stringent.Room by Room Load Calculations
Whole house ventilation fans must be rated for sound at a maximum of 1.0 sone per ASHRAE 62.2–2016, Section 7.2.1. Remote N/A40 db
Prerequisite Combustion VentingNo unvented combustion appliances were installed 
A carbon monoxide (CO) monitor is installed on each floor, hard-wired with a battery backup.Fire/CO
For projects with fireplaces or woodstoves installed
Provide doors that close or a solid glass enclosure.Glass Doors

For projects where space and water heating equipment involving combustion are installed
Equipment is installed with closed combustion
Equipment is installed with power-vented exhaust
Challenger Combi
Prerequisite Garage Pollutant Protection
All air-handling equipment and ductwork is placed outside the fire-rated envelope of the garage.
Shared surfaces between the garage and conditioned spaces are tightly sealed.

Airlock Entry to Garage
EQ Prerequisite Radon-Resistant ConstructionCase 2. Renovation of Existing Building

EPA radon zone 1

If results are greater than 4 pCi/L, an active ventilation system has been installed.
Dibble Radon Test Results  
Dibble Radon Mitigation
Slab Edge Treatment  
Prerequisite Air FilteringMERV rating of filters on mechanically supplied outdoor air systems with 10 ft (3 m) or more of ductwork-12MERV Rating 12
Credit Enhanced Ventilation
Option 1. Enhanced Local Exhaust (1 point)
Enhanced Whole-House Ventilation (2 points)
A balanced whole-house ventilation system was designed and installed that meets ASHRAE 62.2-2016 Section 4 in each home or unit.2Ultimate Air Recouperator ERV
Humidity Control (1 point)
ERV with humidity control1ERV Specifications
Option 2. Shoe Removal and Storage (1 point)
A shoe removal and storage space is near the primary entryway
No conventional carpet is installed in shoe removal and storage area.
Entry storage
Option 3. Preoccupancy Flush (1 point)
Any dust and debris was removed from ducts.
The home was flushed out for 48 hours, with all windows open, a fan run continuously or all HVAC fans and exhaust fans.
1Ducts cleaned
Air flush after major construction
Filtration (1 point)
MERV 10 or higher filters installed on all recirculating space conditioning systems.
1ERV Specifications
Enhanced Combustion Venting MeasuresEPA qualified wood- or pellet-burning fireplaces with either power or direct venting have been installed.1Woodstove Boiler Sealed Intake and Exhaust
Cichewicz Stove Certification
Credit Balancing of Heating and Cooling Distribution System
Multiple Zones (1 point)
A system with at least two space-conditioning
zones with independent thermostatic controls
has been installed
Radiant Zones
Supply Air-Flow Testing
Ductless heating and cooling system
Radiative systems have room-by-room
thermostatic controls
1Room Thermostatic Controls
Nest and Ecobee
Remote Access Thermostat
Remote access thermostat installed for all
space heating and cooling systems
1Nest and Ecobee
Static Pressure Test

All heating and cooling systems are ductless and/or radiative systems
Quiet Heating and Cooling SystemsMaximum background noise levels from heating
and cooling systems are at or below 35 dBA
For living areas and 40 dBA for kitchens and baths.
Credit Low-Emitting ProductsExemplary earn more than 44
Paints and Coatings2Low VOC Paint
Paint Colorhouse-MSDS_v2_Inspired
Paint Duckback SuperDeck MSDS
Adhesives and Sealants2Low VOC Caulks-Adhesives
Flooring2AcriSoy Concrete Sealer
SoyCrete Concrete Stain
Insulation2Roof Wall Cavity Insulation Roxul Material Safety Data Sheet
Roof, Floor, Wall Sheathing Reclaimed

Innovative Design

ID 1.2 Dibble_Twinsprings Charrette Agenda

ID 1.3 [BOULD+Dibble] work_order_proposal

ID 1.3 Shane_Gring_resume

ID 1.4 Design Charrette

ID 1.5 House Orientation

ID 1.5 Calculation of Window Area

ID 1.5 Dibble Res_Sec Solar_Sunshade_12-1201

ID 1.5 EastWestAxis

Location and Linkages

LL 2. Dibble Res_A100 – SITE PLAN_12-1205

LL 2. Distance to Canal

LL 2. Flood_PlainWArvadaLot

LL 3.3 CO Cameo Estates Soil Map

LL 4. Arvada Utility Districts Water and Sanitation Map

LL 4. Neighborhood excerpt from Arvada City Water and Sanitation Map

LL 4. Resolution 05-018, Concerning Municipal Special Improvement District No. WS-46 (Cameo Estates)

LL 6. Access to Open Space

Sustainable Sites

SS 1.2-2.2 Landscape Concept

SS 1.2b Arvada House Buildable Lot

SS 1.2d & 6 Lot Density Cameo Estates

SS 2.1 Noxious Weed Species | Department of Agriculture

SS 2.2 Sustainable Landscape Turf Conversion

SS 2.4 Drought resistant garden crops and varieties

SS 2.4 Gardening Know How Culinary Herbs That Resist Drought

SS 2.4 Native Plants

SS 2.4 The 20 Best Xeriscape Plants for Colorado

SS 2.5 Landscape Irrigation Plan

SS 4.1 Impermeable Lot and Site Drainage Diagram

SS 4.1 13673 W 78th Survey

SS 4.2 Landscape Erosion Control

SS 5. Xcluder Fill Fabric Installation

Water Efficiency

WE 3. Delta Kitchen Faucet DSP-K-978-DST

WE 3. Delta T17T297 Cassidy Shower

WE 3. Kohler Antique Faucet Water Sense 193662

WE 3. Delta T17238 Lahara Shower

WE 3. Delta Bar Hand Shower

WE 3. Delta Victorian 1755RB-716RB Shower and Tub Faucet

WE 3. Showerhead_2615_Tri-Max_MSS2615-04

WE 3. Stealth Dual Flush Toilet

Energy and Atmosphere

EA 2. All Seasons Foam Quote

EA 2. Insulstar Spray Foam ESR-1615

EA 2. Insulstar 11-016 Tech Data and Fact Sheet 071212

EA 2. Dow Styrofoam XPS Blue Board

EA 2. Webinar_Slab Insulation


EA 2. Polyiso Retrofitted to Sloped Ceiling

EA 2. CB23_GenFlex-Polyiso-Brochure

EA 2. Cold Weather Performance of Polyisocyanurate

EA 2. Hardie Siding R Value ESR-1844-2015

EA 4. Therma Tru FC-SS Hinged Door Energy Specifications

EA 4. Alpen Windows 525-S-Series-Datasheet

EA 5. Insul-Lock Pipe Insulation Purchase

EA 5. Insul-Lock Pipe Insulation

EA 6. Triangletube_CC105N_submittal

EA 6. Challenger Efficiency

EA 6. Honeywell Zone Valves

EA 6. Taco-ZVC406-EXP-4-Zone Control

EA 6. Taco 00 Series Circulators

EA 6. Grundfos-ALPHA-Variable Speed Circulator

EA 6. Spirotherm Air Eliminator

EA 6. SpiroTrap Dirt Trap

EA 6. Home Dept Concentric Vent

EA 6. Ecobee 3 Thermostat

EA 6. NEST Learning Thermostat Info

EA 7.1 Dibble Plumbing Water Supply Plan

EA 7.1 Gary_Klein_Plumbing_Guidelines

EA 7.3. Efficient DHW Equipment 

EA 8. ENERGY STAR Certified Light Bulbs Feit R20

EA 8. ENERGY STAR Certified Light Bulbs Feit G25

EA 9. (OLD) Whirlpool Refrigerator W8RXEGMWS_Energy Guide

EA 9. GE Refrigerator GWE19 Energy Guide

EA 9. SPT Dishwasher Energy Guide

EA 9. SPT Dishwasher Energy Star Data

EA 9. GE Washer Energy Star Rating

Materials and Resources

MR 1.2 Stud Wall Remodel Drawing 3d

MR 1.2 Stud Wall 3D Remodel 03_14_16

MR 1.4 Framing Efficiencies

MR 2.1 FSC Wood Vendor Notification Letter

MR 2.2 Concrete Floor ready-mix-sds-mar-2015

MR 2.2 Aggregate Mile High Proposal

MR 2.2 Landscape Decking Rubber Pavers

MR 2.2 Kitchen Cabinets Reclaimed

MR 2.2 Low VOC Caulks-Adhesives

MR 2.2 Low VOC Paint

MR 2.2 Paint Colorhouse-MSDS_v2_Inspired

MR 2.2 Paint Duckback SuperDeck MSDS

MR 2.2 Local Drywall GPS2012Mar08

MR 2.2 Local Alpen Windows LEED Impact Analysis

MR 2.2 Roof Wall Cavity Insulation Roxul Material Safety Data Sheet

MR 2.2 Roof, Floor, Wall Sheathing Reclaimed

MR 3.1 Solid Waste Conversions

MR 3.2 Construction Diversion Ratio

MR 3.2 Reused Insulation for Attic

MR 3.2 Photos of Waste:Diverted Insulation

MR 3.2 Receipts for Waste:Diversion

Indoor Environmental Quality

IEQ 2.1a Challenger Concentric Vent

IEQ 2.1a&c Outside Combustion Air

IEQ 2.1b Kidde Combo Smoke-Carbon Monoxide Detector

IEQ 2.2 Better Cichewicz Stove Certification Chart

IEQ 3. Average Humidity in Colorado 

IEQ 4.2. c Design Ductwork Calculations

IEQ 4.2 c Design Flex Duct Calculations

IEQ 4.2. Ventilation Calculations

IEQ 6.1 Room by Room Load Calculations

IEQ 7. Ultimate Air Recoupaerator Manual Description

IEQ 8.2 Entry storage

IEQ 8.2 Install Central Vacuum System

IEQ 9.1 Dibble Radon Test Results


IEQ 9.1 Dibble Radon Mitigation

IEQ 9.1 Slab Edge Treatment

Awareness and Education

AE 1.1 Updated Operations Training Manual

AE 1.1 Updated Home File

AE 1.2. LEED Training Certificates

AE 1.3 Tours and Open Houses

AE 1.3 Web pages–Twinsprings Blog

AE 1.3 Sustainability Fair Conference Presentation

AE 1.3 Sustainability Fair Conference Schedule

AE 1.3 LEED Registration Sign

AE 1.3 2017 Denver Metro Solar Homes Tour ASES

AE 1.3 2017 NREL Lunch Presentation