Back at the Ranch

Now that the players have all been described, how are things going at the house?

The slab was removed after days of breaking it up with the jack hammers and hauling wheelbarrows of concrete out to the rubble field. We plan to use that material for rubble wall construction around the place. Garden walls, patio walls, fence base, and other uses that we have seen for “urbanite” another name for used concrete. We have plenty of it now. Saving all that debris and recycling it means that there are about 36 tons (about four 8 ton truckloads) removed from the remodeling waste stream. (For LEED points if I only could use them!) By Nov. 1 the slab had been removed and the excavation was beginning.

More concrete removal

More concrete removal, the front had no mesh but the rear of the house did!

Concrete removed from the front area of the house

Concrete removed from the front area of the house

Utility Room and Kitchen area

Utility Room and Kitchen area

Concrete Rubble

Concrete rubble will be used for future rubble wall construction

All concrete removed

All concrete removed

Sensors in Slab

Sensors in the floor

The engineer who built the house had several sensors throughout the house but they had all been cut off together and I have no idea how their data was received and displayed. Now I don’t know where all the sensors go to either and we removed the ones in the floor.

Embedded wood stringers

Embedded wood stringers were rotten where they touched the wet dirt under the wall

Outside work

Outside work, the broken front patio, a leaning wall, and the stoop were also removed.

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