Exercise Spa

The exercise spa is a non-energy efficient luxury. I have no excuses for adding this feature to our otherwise energy efficient design and execution. The Rio spa decision is a nod to my love for the pool we had in our backyard in Arizona. We enjoyed the water frequently and used it for the whole 11 years we lived there. So when I was dreaming that a regular hot tub might not be large enough, I started pricing swim spas but they were more than I felt comfortable spending on luxury.  So here is what I bought and if you run into a similar model you might need these documents.


Rio Swim Spa Installation

Rio Spa ER_2193

Rio Aqua Spa Exploded Diagram


APT – 9′ – Rio Swim Spas

Acura Spa Systems is still in business and they are easy to work with as they cater to DIY users. I had to replace the logic board on our spa but these folks talked me through the installation.


Acura Equip. CalPoly Final Report (The standard spa identified by letter “V” in the report was tested using Acura patented spa control, patented heater, patented manifold, and patented spa pump cooling system.)

Acura Spa Wifi Instructions