Insulation and Air Barrier

The insulation and air barrier for the home’s thermal envelope were some of the most important remodeling decisions we had to make. We had to weigh performance, cost and availability, energy efficiency and recycled content. The documentation shows that the roof R-value is R-58 and the framed walls are R-32.

Our thermal envelope design and documentation:

Dibble-Twinsprings Thermal Envelope Design

Early Dibble-Twinsprings Insulation Documentation

Updated Dibble-Twinsprings Insulation Documentation

These were the resources we used.

Insulation Materials Overview

Insulation Performance Comparison

Foundation Insulation

Insulating Foundations and Floors

Webinar Slab Insulation

Superinsulated Slab Foundations

Insulated Slab on Grade

Frost Protected Shallow Foundations

Below Grade Insulation Layout

Insulation Value Ratings

Understanding R Value

Wall R Values Tell It Like It Is

When R Value Doesn’t Measure Up

Effectiveness of Effective Insulation R Values

Cold Weather Performance of Polyisocyanurate

U Values and Thermal Mass

Environmental Considerations for Insulation

Mouse Activity in Insulation

Dow Blue Foam Crawlspace Insulation Manual

GM Guide to Insulating Sheathing

Comparing Rigid Foam Plastic Insulations

Compare Fiberglass to Cellulose Insulation

Stone Wool at Extreme Temperatures

Batt Installation Technical Tips

Batt Installation Critical Details

Specific Insulation Product Information
*Products we used.

Applegate Cellulose

BaySeal Spray Insulation

Airkrete Insulation

Certainteed Fiberglass Insulation Data

Foam It Green



InsulTarp Data

Masonry Wall Insulation

Icynene Spray Foam Technical Data Sheet

Icynene Specification

*Dow Styrofoam Blue Board XPS

Dyplast Polyiso Board

*Unbranded Reused Polyiso Roof Sheathing
Similar to: Genflex Polyiso

James Manville Polyiso Board

*RMax Thermosheath Foil Faced Polyiso

*Insulstar Spray Foam

*Insulstar Technical Data

*NCIF Insulation Specification

Thermafiber Rock Wool Insulation

*Roxul Rock Wool ComfortBatt Insulation

Air Barrier Sealing Information

Best Practices for Air Sealing

Importance of Air Barriers

Air Sealing

Air Sealing Tapes and Gaskets

Case Studies of Moisture Problems in Buildings

GM Attic Sealing Guidelines

GP Technical Notes Air Barrier Sheathing

Liquid Applied Membranes


Exo-Air Liquid Membrane

Baytec Spray Membrane

Super Therm Barrier Coating

Membrain Specification

Membrain Installation Instructions

*SIGA Majpell Air Barrier

*SIGA Majpell Data Sheet

*SIGA Majvest Exterior Membrane Data Sheet

*SIGA Air Seal Product Installation Guide