Radiant Heating and Cooling

When we had the concrete floor broken out, the copper piping and most of the radiators were destroyed in the process. We definitely had plans for a radiant system from the beginning though and these documents were essential in planning and executing our system.

Uponor Technical Support Manuals

My radiant bible read and referred to cover to cover:

Uponor Radiant Heating and Cooling Design Assistance Manual Part 1

Uponor Radiant Heating and Cooling Design Assistance Manual Part 2

This topic was my passion for at least a couple of years so I had a lot of information downloaded and stored about it.

Hydronic Heat

Passive Home Climate Control

Radiant Heating 105

WIRSBO Design Handbook Radiant Floors Etc.

Radiant Pex Design Manual

Caleffi Design Principles of Hydronic Heating Systems

Heatlink Hydronic System Installation Guide

Radiant Floor Company Design and Installation Manual

Watts Radiant Zone Design Worksheet

Primary Secondary Piping

Selecting Circulators

How to Size a System Circulator Pump

Radiant Heat Filling the Closed System

Radiant Heat Slab on Grade Installation


Honeywell Vision Pro Install Guide

Honeywell Vision Pro User Guide

Nest Learning Thermostat Install Manual

Nest Pro Install Manual

Ecobee3 Thermostat User Guide


Radiant Cooling is a fascinating possibility after the heating success. I have had a difficult time implementing it with a chiller system so far though.


Radiant Floor Cooling

Radiant Cooling-Moore

Brazed Plate Heat exchangers for chiller applications

HVAC Design Review Form

Prime Modular Chiller Manual

Prime Chiller Sizing Guide