Hi! My name is Ellen Dibble. I’m a retired school librarian, technology director, data and research manager and English teacher and a do it yourself, green builder, “homesteader” at heart.

Hiking the Maztatzal Wilderness

Hiking the AZ Maztazal Wilderness

My husband and I homesteaded for 20 years in Spencer, Indiana where we mostly raised our 3 children. There we built a super-insulated passive solar house in the early 80’s for our growing family and heated with wood, raised chickens, milked a family cow, and enjoyed the wonders of homesteading in the country. Indiana retrospective link.

His job took us to Arizona for the new millennium where we became “urban” homesteaders taking advantage of the Arizona sunshine for heating our household water, cooking, heating the pool, learning to utilize gray water, and of course figuring out how to grow vegetables with a new set of seasons.

I have remodeled every room in our Arizona home and enjoy building and remodeling projects. This Colorado house is located in the same town as our grandkids so we hope to live near them while they are growing up so we can enjoy their company and maybe provide some support to their folks. At the same time we will have almost 2 acres to develop and care for in yet another climate zone!

Satellite View

Satellite View

Hope you are interested in our journey and that I can lend some light on one hopeful LEED project gut remodel. I’m also studying to become a certified LEED for Homes Green Rater at some point in this journey, to help others along the LEED path too.

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