Install Glass Holders and Glass Pane


  1. Cut 1×2 pieces to put in the frame to hold the glass pane. How far back from the front should they go? Add cells B8 and C5 and this is how far back the leading edges of the support pieces should be. How long should each support piece be cut? D29 is how long the upper support will be – it will screw into the 2×6 frame with room to allow for the roof joists. Cell D28 is how long the bottom support piece should be cut. There will be two sets of side pieces – cells D26 and D27 to support the side and allow for the brace.
  2. Lay the glass pane in the frame opening with its bottom sitting in the bottom of the frame. See lower left.
  3. Lift the top part of the glass frame and raise it higher, past the perpendicular till it settles in the frame, supported by the 1x2s you just installed. See lower right
  4. Now screw in 1x2s on top of the pane to hold it in place. The lengths are in E27-E29

img_6467 img_6468