Mountain Brawny


Mountain Brawny?

Brawny Image

Brawny Paper Towel Pattern

Just after Labor Day I realized we were getting close to needing the brawn to remove the concrete and excavate for the new slab. I contacted four listings that advertised concrete services and two responded. The first one was Mile High Contracting. Alberto Sanchez is the contractor, and he was very nice both on the phone and when he came out to look at the job. I have enjoyed working with him and his crews for the past several months so don’t knock Craigslist if you are new to an area and don’t have local contacts.
The guys started jack-hammering the concrete in mid-October and they made good progress, although the job did take longer than expected, it was partially due to my poor math ability that we had to account for later!

Concrete in Master Bath

Starting with the concrete in the master bath.

Guys at work

Guys at work with the jack-hammer.

First day is done

First day is done.

Not only was the concrete broken into pieces by jackhammers, but then it was carted outside by wheelbarrow. It was very heavy work.

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