A Spring List

I’m making a spring list that will follow us into summer I’m sure. The rule of making a new list is to put something on it that can be crossed off right away, especially if it was not on a previous list. So number 1 is install new electric box, and number 2 is install new windows: check and check.

Spring List

Spring List

The new list is made just as I think of things, not in order of doing. Here we go:
1. Install outside electric box
2. New windows
3. New doors (will be replumbed and leveled today)
4. Insulate remaining openings
5. Install battens
6. Install membrane/air barrier
7. Polyiso in crawlspace joists
8. Plan ventilation system
9. Resolve door issues
10. Get insulation inspections
11. Foam sheathing cracks/tape
12. Drywall exterior walls
13. Patch concrete (floor) and caulk edges
14. Clean and polish floor
15. Interior walls
16. Pour concrete slab
17. Install spa
18. Excavate spa slab area

It is kind of obvious that sometimes I think backwards! So this list is obviously not in order. Can’t install the battens before the membrane for instance. Or pour the concrete slab before excavation. Nevertheless there is plenty to do these next few weeks.

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