Summer List 2016

Yeah, yeah, I know that these lists are kind of a joke. Very few projects seem to get finished yet we keep working. Kind of crazy isn’t it?

Nevertheless, here is my list for the summer, now that it is the end of June and summer officially started.

Summer 2016 List

  1. Finish building walls
  2. Finish membrane on ceiling
  3. Move electric box in utility room
  4. Build pocket door for utility room
  5. Fix water filter and dishwasher drains
  6. Fix family room bathroom drain
  7. Install master bedroom door wall
  8. Cut down rustic doors to fit openings
  9. Build fence for pool
  10. Set up pool
  11. Put shade structure over hot tub
  12. Set up master bathroom
  13. Install radon fan and piping
  14. Build ductwork for ventilation
  15. Install ventilation
  16. Research radiant floor cooling
  17. Set up refrigerated floor system
  18. Fill in concrete edges and caulk
  19. Plan for crawlspace ventilation
  20. Fix crawlspace radon mitigation
  21. Install polyiso in crawlspace
  22. Install tile on slab periphery
  23. Install siding

And of course I finished one item on the list already. Fair because it was not on the winter list. I moved the electrical box for the well pump out of the way to build the utility room wall. Voila!

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