Winter List for 2016

Winter List

Winter List

I updated the to-do list a couple of weeks ago. But lists are getting tiresome–too many items repeat from season to season.

Here is what I hoped to get accomplished this winter.

  1. Finish membrane on ceiling
  2. Install battens on ceiling
  3. Polyiso in crawlspace joists
  4. Polyiso around door areas
  5. Replumb fireplace boiler
  6. Build walls
  7. Patch concrete edges
  8. Clean and reseal floor
  9. Polish floor
  10. Put bird barrier on chimney
  11. Plan master bath and closet
  12. Install ventilation system
  13. Schedule LEED insulation inspection

The first three items were on the fall list–also the summer list. There is not much more membrane that needs to be done on the ceiling but all the insulated walls will need membrane too.
I’ve already re-plumbed the wood fireplace though.
Building walls would be a huge advance but we seem reluctant to actually put up a wall. We did bring in the 2×4’s to acclimate to the indoor temperature.
I’m working on patching the edges of the concrete with tile and Schluter Kerdi Band–more on that later. And I’ve written about cleaning and resealing the floors
The bird barrier will have to wait for warmer weather and for that matter so does finishing the siding which didn’t even make the list but is still hanging on from fall.
I’ve been working on the master bath and closet layouts and acquired most of the plumbing for the room and have made the decision on the toilet, a Niagara low water use dual flush that I just decided to order from Wayfair, but through ebay so I can use their return policies.
The ventilation system will require putting up a distribution ducting system and deciding if the RecoupAerator is the right unit for our house and the most energy efficient.
I thought we were ready for the LEED inspection but after contacting the new person who is my advisor, Adam Jonash, I have not made the appointment. I have to get the Level II thermographer out here at the same time and it has not been a task that I felt ready for. Really, building the walls is probably the most important task right now and the sooner the better so the city can come back for another inspection to keep our building permit active.

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