Now that Summer is Officially OVER!

I’m back at home with no plans to travel for awhile and feeling a bit at loose ends getting back to the gut remodel. I guess that is the trouble with getting away and returning to a  relatively comfortable house. Time has a way of getting away.

Dave has made steady progress outside so we are relatively weed free and the garden is producing, and he has a new patch of dry land clover started just to see how it does. He is also making progress on the recycled cement floor garden wall–hoping to have one wall of the four finished by the time the snow flies. He will move to more inside tasks when the weather gets colder.

We decided to post a task list to keep my eyes on the prize–i.e. getting to the next inspection which is the insulation/exterior wall inspection. Although we also have to have the exterior wall wiring roughed in for the inspection which means hiring our electrician too as well as getting our LEED insulation inspection which comes after the new windows and before the interior walls etc. Then we can move to the interior–walls, drywall, electrical, to rough inspection. Finally finish work somewhere down the road.

Task List

Task List

I also copied and organized the list for my notes.

Extend building permit.

Revent boiler
Close up ceiling/roof vent
Tape/foam plumbing vents
Remove excess plumbing vents in kitchen.
Move gas pipes from ceiling except in chase. Reconnect to appliances.
Finish insulating wiring chase

Install polyiso on ceiling and remove unnecessary ceiling cross pieces
Install membrane/air barrier
Install ceiling battens

Lay vapor barrier in crawlspace
Seal vapor barrier to walls and connect pipe from under barrier to passive radon vent.
Insulate south facing crawlspace wall with spray foam. Seal vent.

Treat utility room exterior where wood meets fill dirt.
Set up wood boiler-purchase flat plate exchanger and open system water tank.
Install air supply to wood boiler
Install water supply to wood boiler
Install chimney
Install radon vents/fans

Put evaporative cooler away and reinstall window
Reorganize garage for winter
Cut and fit plywood to closet loft

Two questions that I always can only guess at are; how long will it take and how much will it cost? These are the two questions that I get asked all the time. My short answer is, “I don’t know.” The long answer includes estimates that take a lot of time to figure but are basically useless when it comes to owner/builder costs and completion targets. If time is money, then we are spending a ton, but if time is retirement fun then we are living this remodel and enjoying it as we go.

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