We’ve Moved!

Start of unloading the moving truck

Start of unloading the moving truck

And that is about all the progress that has been made on the energy efficient house, i.e. none!

We did the move ourselves of course and even with help from family it took three straight weeks of packing and cleaning. Then we drove a 24′ Penske truck from Tempe, Arizona to Arvada, Colorado and hired some movers to help us get everything into the garage. It was funny to help the movers as they kept having to take breaks (lunch and 2 o’clock) while they said that the contents of the truck “might not fit” into the garage. I was amazed at that notion since the garage is larger than inside area of the truck and it had all fit in the truck. But after about three hours they had muscled most of it into the space. We left the wheelbarrow and ladders outside. Later we had to move around some of the stuff to get to the tool cabinets etc. but now the garage is very packed with “stuff” from the move. Moving took almost all of March and I went back in April to get the house ready for sale which was another nightmare of workers being late and taking longer than they estimated and lifting a light fixture that they removed for the painting as well and all manner of other leftover stuff that went missing from the garage. I rented a small uhaul trailer and purchased and installed a hitch for the Impala and drove back to Colorado with the rest of the stuff by the first week of May.

Small trailer

Small uhaul trailer for things that we left behind the first time.

The most exciting news is that our kids bought a new house that was larger and much closer to us and the schools, but it was a short sale and left in a pretty big mess. So we pitched in and helped them get the house ready to move into and we are also helping with the old house to get it ready for sale. Between all this sprucing up our projects are going by the wayside. But our Arizona house is on the market finally and hopefully it will sell in the next month or two and give us capital to get things accomplished at a faster pace.

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