End of Summer Fun

We took the grandkids on an RV trip to parts of Colorado and we even drove into New Mexico a few miles just to say we had been there.

Road trip!

Road trip!

Stopped at the Florrisant Fossil Beds National Monument.

Fossilized Redwood tree trunks

Fossilized (petrified) Redwood tree trunks

Stayed at St. Luis State Park when visiting the Great Sand Dunes.

St. Luis State Park Basketball

St. Luis State Park Basketball

Played in the stream at the Great Sand Dunes that was still running in August which is unusual. Also the boys hiked up to the dunes and rolled down.

Great Sand Dunes

Great Sand Dunes

Drove all the way down to the southern boundary to stay at Navajo Lake for a couple of days. Navajo Lake is mostly in New Mexico so we drove down along its west end into the next state. On our way south from St Luis we stopped at a river campsite overnight and Chimney Rock to get a glimpse of the pueblos and kivas of the ancient Indian tribes who had a large group of settlements stemming out miles from Chaco Canyon in New Mexico.

At Chimney Rock Pueblo

At Chimney Rock Pueblo–kids are trying out the corn grinding stones.

Another unusual rainstorm for Colorado–hail, downpour and flooding in August. This was our campground while visiting the Black Canyon which is next door to the Curecanti National Recreation Area based near its large reservoirs. Loop D of the Elk Creek Campground near the shore is unusual for a National Park because it has electric hookups. Nice for stopping with kids who need microwaved chicken nuggets and hot dogs and adults who appreciate air-conditioning in hot, humid temperatures.

Deluge at Curecanti NRA

Deluge with hail at Curecanti NRA visitor center

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park was awesome.

Painted Wall at Black Canyon

Painted Wall at Black Canyon of the Gunnison

On the way home from a great trip.

4 year old's view of the road

4 year old’s view of the road

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