Almost to Dead Center of Fall and a Revised List

I started this list before the fall equinox but we had distractions happen! There was no summer list. We worked to help our kids move to Germany and visited family. My elderly mom lived in assisted living not far from us for almost three years and I visited her each day until mid-July when she passed away. We had all her funeral arrangements and a new grandchild to visit. Plus some illness that was temporary but annoying. It’s a wonder we get anything done.
But maybe we can get back to serious accomplishment this fall. That is after travel to a family wedding, a mini reunion for a week, and my granddaughter’s 100th day celebration. We were away for almost a month.

First the spring list accomplishments.

Finally when cleaning to get ready for a going away party in May!

  • Vacuum ERV vent shaft and replace vacuum bag
  • Clean beam
  • Fix kitchen sink drain
  • Foam gap at floor in storage closet

Each of the following items was partially completed.

  • Level shower floors-in just the master bath
  • Get showers tiled- master bath
  • Hang doors in the master bathroom and bedroom closet-in master

The bedroom closet needs the same widening at the bottom as the entry closet door

  • Install tile on perimeter of house floor-in most of entry.
  • Wire thermostat and dimmer switch to ERV

I have worked on this off and on for months. Every time I think I’ve solved the variable speed problem I find a glitch. It’s been very frustrating.

I did not have on the list to put shelves and poles in the master and entry closets but that got done so I guess it could be the first thing on the fall list.
None of the other items on the spring list were done. It’s discouaging to say the least.

  • Install corian on top of vent shaft
  • Make corian tub tray for master bathroom
  • Install new calcium filter on boiler supply
  • Install new TDS monitor on water supply

But the number one thing on the list and needs to happen by February.
Pass Final Inspection!
So I will limit the fall list to this one item. If others get done so be it. But I HAVE to finish tiling the shower in the family room bath. That is the last item on the inspection list.
It WILL get done!

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