Family is Precious

We spent a wonderful week in California with our newest grandson, Wolfgang. He was born on Christmas Eve and this last weekend was his 100th Day celebration. His mom is Korean and the 100th Day is a traditional celebration called Baek-il (pronounced more like Paek-il). The table that the baby sits on is decorated with his name, his toys and photos, etc. Traditional presents are toys, clothes, gold rings for wealth, thread for long life, and silver for riches. Of course Wolfgang got all of these! The huge rice cake is also traditional. It says Happy 100th Day in Korean.



There was a family party on his 100th day and a picnic for friends and family on Saturday. Wow, so many young people in the park by Lake Merritt on a lovely spring day in early April. I just want to hold onto those moments forever.

Definitely a distraction, definitely a precious time with family.

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