I had emergency abdominal surgery because of a hernia trapping my intestine and killing part of it! No preliminary warning, just one week of fever with no stomach upset or pain and then one final large painful experience.

I was rushed to the hospital and given emergency excision and happy to say I got there fast enough and the care was smart and good enough that I survived. Actually came through the operation quite well.

First Meal

First Meal

However, this is a pretty major setback for my do it yourself approach to the house remodel. Looks like I’ll be contacting contractors for the rest of the major jobs in the house.

We are actually closer than ever too. Midway through the rough inspections and almost to the drywall stage.

My family wonders if it was work on the house that gave me the hernia–who knows? Why did it do so much damage that the outcome was losing small intestine?

But I was extremely lucky. If bowel obstruction is not treated almost immediately it is deadly. Mine was treated and I’m fine.

Release Day

First Meal Day–Released on the 31st.

Thanks to the EMS service that arrived in minutes, treated the terrible pain, got fluids into me, and got me to the Emergency Room so that I was taken right in. How fortunate is that?

So despite this setback I’m feeling very fortunate indeed.


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