Web of Wires

Wiring Branches

Wiring and Gas Pipe Branches

Last spring when hopes were high for progress on the house, I had a couple of electricians give bids to rewire the house. We had hoped that by last fall the house would be ready for the rough in wiring. That just didn’t happen, although work progressed, it was slow.

The big question to address the wiring, is how to wire in the outside perimeter without compromising the air barrier and insulation value.

We have pulled all the wire back from the perimeter to a central corridor in the ceiling and will try to keep most of the new wiring out of the thermal envelope.

Wiring Core 1

Wiring Core in Living Area

Our plan is to insulate the ceiling corridor with xps or polyiso to the same R-value as the rock wool spaces.

Insulated Wiring Core

Insulated Wiring Core

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