Where to start? Energy Audit!

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One of the most exciting parts of becoming a LEED project is meeting so many people who are working on sustainable construction and design services. Many are young and just starting their own businesses and they are hard working, dependable, and a pleasure to work with.

At the Green Rater course I met Matt who works up in the mountains for a recycling company that has been around for years. They have been doing energy audits to qualify homeowners for Xcel Energy Rebates but he thought Arvada was too far away for his company to service. So he recommended Melissa from Deeper Green Consulting in Denver. She does consulting in the metro Denver area. You can find Melissa on the approved energy services providers located on the Xcel Energy site.

deeper green consulting, llc 179 s. vrain st.
denver, CO 80219

The Infrared photo in the header was taken by Melissa for our initial energy audit. Her report entitles us to further Xcel rebates for improving our insulation and other energy efficient upgrades.

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Energy Efficiency Rebates from Xcel Energy

Update: Initial blower door test results were 3250 cfm and a NACH score of .43
a. CFM50=3250
b. Volume=24420
c. N-factor=18.5 (One story/normal)
d. NACH= 0.43

Most of the leakage was around the windows and doors so new installations were recommended. We will see about renewing the wood windows first though and resealing their perimeters.Here are the top three recommended improvements; new windows,  conditioning the crawlspace, and replacing the old boiler although increasing the attic insulation was also high on the list.

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