Repurposed Materials

Mark Benjamin, of Crown Jade, recommended this very imaginative business in Denver as a source of the R-15 insulation I needed for the perimeter of the foundation.


Extruded Polystyrene Insulation–XPS


Repurposed Materials is mostly dedicated to reusing industrial materials in new, imaginative ways, which this project is definitely not. However they were really friendly, allowed me to roam around and see and think about the types of materials they had on hand, and had a great inventory program that they could check to see if they had enough 3″ high density foam 2×8 sheets for my application. They did. The cost was close to the new cost of 2″ thick sheets, but I only needed what to them was probably a small amount, and the 3″ stuff is not available off the shelf in the area. So it was a great deal for me!

They also have lots of polyiso insulation, which is higher R value than extruded poly but can’t be buried. There is 1″ sheathing of polyiso on the exterior of our house, which we intend to beef up. So maybe their polyiso will come in handy later.

These photos are courtesy of Alberto Sanchez, updating their progress while I am away. They are spreading the rock base for the concrete.

Insulation behind new sewer pipes

Insulation in front of void

Insulation in front of void

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