Permit Possibilities

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I went to the city

To buy a fat pig (permit)

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig.

I have been very pleased by how helpful the permit office in Arvada has been to me. I have visited a few times and they always seek to answer my questions with their expertise, even calling out folks from the back offices to get the best answers.

I walked in with the survey, the floor plan and an application for a permit for the whole remodel, and asked if the documentation I had qualified. I am employing various experts but I am also doing some of the work myself, so it is a bit tricky to have enough information to pull the permits.

I didn’t have enough documentation for the general permit, but I told them we had to install the sewer lines before things could progress, and they suggested I just get a plumbing permit for the rough in! Well, that was VERY helpful because I had not thought of it, so I did not leave empty-handed and we were equipped to start work on the rebuild. Waaa Hoo!

I will need the engineering plan, the set of plans from the architect, and the survey again to get the permit to repour the slab and continue to put the house back together. Hopefully will have all that by the next visit.



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