Structural Inspection

Guest Shower Wall

Guest Shower Wall

We had a structural inspection a few months ago when we thought it had to come before the electrical was put in the walls. Instead, it had to wait until the rough plumbing and rough electrical were passed. I assumed the rough electrical was passed because the inspector told me to just call him when the electricians were finished with the last outlet and he would just approve it. Unfortunately that appears to not have happened after my call. The structural inspector still did the inspection though he said that rough electrical has to be finalized. I called the building department and they are going to put us on the schedule for rough electrical tomorrow. I was hoping the electrical inspector who told me it passed would just fix the paperwork. Oh well, not a big deal I guess.

UPDATE: After two more visits by electrical inspectors, the rough electrical was finally signed off without any further requirements. The first inspector was concerned that the bedroom fire alarms would not be hard wired but the original inspector said that was OK and passed us.

We passed the structural inspection although there are two things that still need to be done. Where the wires go up into a second story structure, the attic in this case, the electrical penetrations have to be filled with foam as a fire stop. And although we have multiple combo fire/carbon monoxide alarms wired into the house, a new requirement is to have a fire alarm in every bedroom but since they do not have to be hard-wired, we can buy two battery operated alarms for the back bedrooms.

Now we are free to finish up with the membrane and the rest of the tasks necessary before we get the drywall done. We only have six months from today (I guess the electrical gained us another week!) to have the final inspection and everything has to be done by then, all plumbing, finishing, lighting etc. It sounds almost impossible to me. Will probably have to have some kind of inspection just to continue our permit past August 16th or perhaps I can just apply for an extension.

I’m pretty sure it will take longer than six months to finish everything. I may work at it almost every day but progress is very slow.


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