LEED Rough Inspection

I have been emailing my new project person from Energy Logic for over a year and he has been very helpful, but now I needed to have the rough insulation inspection before we covered more of our Roxul rock wool install with the interior air barrier and drywall. I also really wanted him to see the project so we could discuss the details better.

I was able to show him around the house, pointing out the various construction details and the radiant heating system. He seemed interested in some of the details and I sent him the documentation for the wafflemat system and landscape plan with irrigation that I told him we probably would not install. Instead we are using drought tolerant grasses and plants and using hand watering in the garden and greenhouse.

It turned out that he also asked to go over the LEED checklist with me and it appears that I had the durability checklist filled out incorrectly and I have overlooked the requirements for initialed accountability forms for the various stages of the project. I will have to go back and get some signatures from the architect and the wafflemat engineer and should get a signature from the landscape planner but unfortunately I believe the company has gone out of business or changed hands.

I was able to redo the durability strategies to itemize 18 that were NOT part of the LEED requirements or point items. That was a little difficult but I think I have the list made. Now I just have to document each item.

Durability Strategies by Issue Type 

Exterior Water / Moisture 
1. Slab replacement with moisture control system–WaffleMat
2. Exterior rain screen under siding
3. Siga Moisture Air barrier on exterior
4. Fiberglass edging installed over exterior insulation
Interior Water / Moisture
5. Rebuild exterior window access retaining walls
6. High R value windows and doors keep condensation outdoors
Air Infiltration 
7. Multiple air barrier layers in ceiling–polyiso sealed, Siga air barrier, drywall
8. Polyiso barrier over original construction where there are multiple 2 x 4’s
Interstitial Condensation
9. Siga Moisture permeable air barrier allows moisture to escape from insulated ceiling
10. Rainscreen layer under siding allows moisture to escape from exterior walls.
11. Stainless steel mesh insect barriers at top and bottom of siding and around all exterior pipes
12. Caulking around doors and windows
13. Air lock entry separating garage and front door from interior
Heat Loss
14. Concrete slab edge insulated on both interior and exterior
Ultraviolet Radiation
15. Light shelves in clerestory
Natural Disasters
16. Earth berm protection against tornadoes and blizzards
17. Post and beam construction protection against earthquakes
18. Non-vegetated barrier around home protection against wildfires

I also had double credited some LEED items where if there were points in one area, then points in another could not be taken but I had tried! So my point total without innovation points fell below the required points for LEED platinum by 2 points. Adam said he would review the project and hopefully I can regain two points elsewhere.

The insulation so far passed the requirements for a quality installation at the rough inspection. Adam sent me a detailed list of accountability forms that have to be signed and documentation that has to be provided for each area. I’m excited to get started putting the documentation in the correct order and moving forward with this remodel as an official LEED project.

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