Recovery List

Today is the one month anniversary of my latest gut operation. This one was much easier to recover from, although my recovery list is not nearly finished.

  1. Put on outlet covers–about 2/3’s finished but didn’t realize I’d have to reset most of the outlets and switches.
  2. Hook up vacuum outlets–I’m using the vacuum regularly.
  3. Put on vent covers–I found them but didn’t install
  4. Put clear coat on sink cabinet–Completed three cabinets with two more to go.
  5. Prepare for stuccoed areas. Buy tint and wall conditioner.–Just got one bucket of stucco opened and did some research on how to tint. Know the store that carries the tint but it is in Denver
  6. Mortar Schluter trim to concrete edges
  7. Steam clean floor–half done
  8. Apply sealer and zep floor finish–half done
  9. Clean medicine cabinet
  10. Install light fixtures–Installed many of the fixtures. I couldn’t find the kitchen fixture or the bedroom fan. These are packed away and I should find them eventually.
  11. Vac dust and wipe off surfaces with wet sponge. –Cleaning always comes last.
  12. Seal up air conditioner line through exterior wall–This was done before the washer and dryer were reinstalled.
  13. Buy supplies for air conditioner installation–I bought all the supplies and tools that I need to hook up the minisplit.
  14. Reinsulate kitchen sink–This was completed with the bronze plasticoat and metal finish coat
  15. Take new door knobs for powder coating
  16. Sand and seal the rest of the kitchen cabinets–Finished the wall cabinet but not the oven cabinet.
  17. Clean paint off plumbing connections–So far just in the kitchen where I installed the sink.

Of course I also worked on some projects not on the list. But now it is time for a little break–another distraction.

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