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At Greg’s strong recommendation, I decided to seek out a structural engineer who would be willing to take care of the specific design using WaffleMat for our installation. The person I chose had presented at a USGBC event as a certified Passive House engineer. I thought if anyone would be willing to consider an alternative solution, it would be someone in the green building industry interested in the most highly efficient systems. Mark Benjamin is the principal of his company, Crown Jade Engineering located in Bellevue, Colorado, and his son Daniel works with him using the highly technical software tools to create the designs. The first thing they discovered, using the technology instead of my poor math, was that I had figured 1200 square feet of slab and it is actually 1600 square feet. Good that the house is a little bigger in this area than I thought I guess but bad in that Mile High Contracting was taking longer than they expected! When I told Alberto he just laughed–saying that it was great to work with me since issues always seem to work themselves out naturally. So we did a deal to make up the difference and we are both happy to have a better sense of the actual job that is getting done! Thanks to Crown Jade!

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