List for my month of recovery

I’m working on a list of low energy tasks for post-surgery progress on the house.

Once we are sure the drywall and painting is completed there are several tasks that are pretty easy and should not take much effort. Shopping for stuff is also low effort if I can predict what we will need.

  1. Put on outlet covers
  2. Hook up vacuum outlets
  3. Put on vent covers
  4. Put clear coat on sink cabinet
  5. Prepare for stuccoed areas. Buy tint and wall conditioner.
  6. Mortar Schluter trim to concrete edges
  7. Steam clean floor
  8. Apply sealer and zep floor finish
  9. Clean medicine cabinet
  10. Install light fixtures
  11. Vac dust and wipe off surfaces with wet sponge.
  12. Seal up air conditioner line through exterior wall
  13. Buy supplies for air conditioner installation
  14. Reinsulate kitchen sink
  15. Take new door knobs for powder coating
  16. Sand and seal the rest of the kitchen cabinets
  17. Clean paint off plumbing connections

There are also big chores to be done, like moving the furniture back in, but I’m not going to be able to help much with that.

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