Home Again and Bathroom Wall Planning

We have been on vacation with the grandkids for two weeks and just getting back at our daily grind. No really, every day is a vacation, we are retired! Dave is having tons of used topsoil delivered in 7 gallon buckets which he is spreading to improve our bentonite clay soil. So he was out working at that and mowing the grass which got very shaggy. But in the middle of that the mower belt broke again, so it still looks shaggy until the new belt gets here.

I started worrying about everything we need to get done before September. Worry doesn’t really help but it does make me dream of solutions to some of the issues we face. One of the big ones was the triangle bathroom walls. Having to guess where the walls will be before concrete is poured was prone to error. Both toilet placements are a little off. I solved one with the offset toilet drain, but the triangle bathroom is too narrow where the toilet sits and we just have to move the wall to accommodate the incorrect placement. So how to do that? I measured and measured and it was looking like the wall would have to move over at least 6 inches to fit drywall and a 15 inch clearance. That would put it too close to the opening for the double doors!

Toilet installed behind Polyiso walls

Toilet installed behind Polyiso walls in triangle bath

So I thought I would try to rotate the toilet to be parallel with the sink cabinet instead of the wall, hoping to gain more side clearance. But that only placed the tank corner over the edge of the original wall placement.

Dibble Floorplan Update 12-11-15

Dibble Floorplan Current 12 11 15

The toilet was in line with the wall between the bathroom and the den/family room. I rotated it to be in line with the wall between the bathroom and the kitchen.

New Bath Layout

New Bath Layout

But this new toilet position will still require that the family room wall be placed 3 1/2 inches over from the upper wall. That means there will be a ledge above the lower wall and the attic wall is recessed 4 inches. So we are thinking of a plan to hang the wall below from a 2 x 8 installed under the attic wall and extending out to suspend the new wall. It will be supported by L brackets and form the small shelf above the bathroom doorway all along that wall. It will look like it was designed that way, right?

Right now the temporary bathroom is completely torn apart so that we can install the walls. They hang from the attic supports and the upper attic sides are enclosed and help support the beams below to which the floated walls are anchored. It will really be good to have these walls completed so that all the major walls are in. Then we can call the electrician and get on their schedule.

Disconnected Bathroom

Disconnected Bathroom


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