It’s Fall!

Fall begins in Arvada

Fall begins in Arvada

So with the change in seasons as well as my immediate health condition, a new list is proposed.
First look back at the summer list.

Summer 2016 List

  1. Finish building walls
  2. Finish membrane on ceiling
  3. Move electric box in utility room
  4. Build pocket door for utility room
  5. Fix water filter and dishwasher drains
  6. Fix family room bathroom drain
  7. Install master bedroom door wall
  8. Cut down rustic doors to fit openings
  9. Build fence for pool
  10. Set up pool
  11. Put shade structure over hot tub
  12. Set up master bathroom
  13. Install radon fan and piping
  14. Build ductwork for ventilation
  15. Install ventilation
  16. Research radiant floor cooling
  17. Set up refrigerated floor system
  18. Fill in concrete edges and caulk
  19. Plan for crawlspace ventilation
  20. Fix crawlspace radon mitigation
  21. Install polyiso in crawlspace
  22. Install tile on slab periphery
  23. Install siding

Actually 10 out of 23. I believe I can count filling in the concrete edges because I just did it yesterday, although not all the caulking. Not too bad I guess. And as is typical, we scotched some items and added others. I posted that I gave up on radiant cooling because I needed more btu’s to chill the thermal mass of the floor than the 1/3 hp chiller could produce. That would mean an expensive heat pump system or large chiller system. We put the evaporative cooler back in one of the living room front doors and the portable in our bedroom and they took care of cooling for the rest of the summer.  Also the pool never got set up because we needed the electrician to extend our outdoor electricity and they didn’t get that job done until mid-September. A bit too late to set up a pool. But we got the electricians scheduled and the house remodel wired. Not on the summer list. We always like to start a new list with something x’d out anyway.

Fall 2016 List

  1. Schedule electrician to wire remodel
  2. Pass electrical inspection
  3. Schedule return of electricians to install outlets and switches
  4. Schedule plumber to install rough plumbing
  5. Pass plumbing inspection
  6. Pass structural inspection
  7. Finish membrane on walls
  8. Build ventilation chase
  9. Install ductwork for ventilation
  10. Schedule drywall
  11. Install radon fan and piping
  12. Install ventilation system and outdoor piping
  13. Plan for crawlspace ventilation
  14. Fix crawlspace radon mitigation
  15. Install polyiso in crawlspace
  16. Install tile on slab periphery
  17. Install siding

Another 23 items. I’ll wait on the doors as that is kind of a finishing step and I really hope to get to the drywall install before the end of this year! Five years of ownership in January of 2017 and it is about time the place is better put together.

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