New List for 2015

Now that the holidays are over, it is time to re-check the fall list. I thought the kitchen beam was on it, but this is what I published in October.

Remaining Fall Tasks (finished items marked out)

Finish insulating wiring chase

Install polyiso on ceiling—ALMOST done
Install membrane/air barrier
Install ceiling battens

Lay vapor barrier in crawlspace
Seal vapor barrier to walls and connect pipe from under barrier to passive radon vent.
Insulate south facing crawlspace wall with spray foam.
Seal vent.
Set up wood boiler–except for final connections to water and heat exchanger this is done too.

We can start the year with three items from the previous list with one almost done and another completed.

Winter Tasks 2015

Install kitchen beam.
Install polyiso on ceiling—ALMOST done
Install membrane/air barrier
Install ceiling battens
Connect wood boiler

Now we have to think about what else has to be done. Basically we would like to be ready for another inspection by the onset of spring. The insulation inspection could happen before the sealing membrane and battens, but the electrical has to wait until the outside walls have a chase for the electrical wires. We need to decide on new windows and doors to finish the thermal envelope and they will be a major contribution to our LEED qualification.

In order for the electrical wires to have a chase through the walls, they will have to be built. That is a major task that will take us at least most of the summer I would guess.

Once the walls are up and the battens installed and the wiring run, we can have the house drywalled. Then we will be on to rough plumbing install and inspection and installation of bathrooms and finalized electrical installs.

Other LEED projects would be to order and install the ventilation unit with best air filtering levels, plus a ventilation fan in the garage. Continue to collect used and recycled materials for the bathrooms and finish work as well as obtain water saving toilets and faucets. I just installed a .5/1/1.5 flow shower head in the the existing shower. Mostly it is set on 1 gallon but higher flow and lower are possible when needed. The LEED qualification we will meet is less than 1.75 gpm average flow rate for all showers plus all water sense lavatory faucets.

Before we know it, maybe next winter, we will be painting and finishing the interior. I hope!

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