The Seasonal List Update

This is the list we started with in the fall. Some of these seem to have been accomplished ages ago. Some keep getting put off. Notice I had several crossed off by the time I published the list. There are X’s by the items that were completed sometime this fall after the list was published.

  • Electrical covers in family room closet and others
  • Add track lights.
  • Clean out garage and rearrange tools for winter.
  • Install ERV vent covers and returns.
  • Vacuum ERV vent shaft
  • Clean beam
  • Fix track lights in living room, family room, dining room
  • Move furniture etc into house
  • Unpack boxes moved into house.
  • X Install fire alarms
  • X Put Kerdi in master bath shower. Rear wall 9ft.
  • X Hang storage box/shelves over tub
  • Grout tile over tub
  • Install tile on perimeter of house floor
  • Fix kitchen sink drain
  • Install new spa pump and motor.
  • X Close hot tub siding
  • X Tile entry to family room bath
  • X Install coffee bar sink and faucet in dining room
  • X Hang pot ladder in kitchen
  • X Install shower light in family bathroom shower
  • X Install niche in family bathroom shower
  • Install bench in family bathroom shower
  • X Cut granite for shower ledge/bench
  • X Install radon cover on sump tank

I had some additional items that I put on the list that also got done.

  • Fix/replace backflow preventer on tub spray
  • Install Haiku Fan control
  • Put toilet bars in bathrooms
  • Paint trim on front door
  • Install 18″ closet doors
  • Install additional Wemo and Effergy meters to track electricity use

So the winter list is next. These have to be moved to winter.

  • Vacuum ERV vent shaft (replace vacuum bag)
  • Clean beam
  • Grout tile over tub
  • Install tile on perimeter of house floor
  • Fix kitchen sink drain
  • Install bench in family bathroom shower

I could just stop there and maybe finish the whole list! But I want more to get done.

  • Wire thermostat and dimmer switch to ERV
  • Schluter in family room bathroom shower
  • Level shower floors
  • Get showers tiled
  • Install airlock entry door
  • Hang doors in the master bathroom and bedroom closet
  • Install corian on top of vent shaft
  • Make corian tub tray for master bathroom
  • Get final inspection
  • Foam gap at floor in storage closet
  • Replace filters on house water system.
  • Install new calcium filter on boiler supply
  • Install new TDS monitor on water supply
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