Summer List

So did ANYTHING get done this spring? Actually work was done but little was actually FINISHED. And there were things that we did that were not on the official list of next steps.

I’ve written about what I have been doing, and of course Dave has been busy planting a garden and working on the garden wall which I will feature one of these days. He also put together the old shed from our kids’ yard as a playhouse for the grandkids and it is about finished. Plus taking care of the lawn and planting fruit trees.

1.Install outside electric box
2. New windows
3. New doors (will be replumbed and leveled today)
We know what is happening with the doors–just more tasks to add to the Summer list.
4. Insulate remaining openings
Still need to do this…
5. Install battens
6. Install membrane/air barrier
Battens are installed on all the finished membrane but there is more membrane to put up. Right now working on the master bedroom.
7. Polyiso in crawlspace joists–Not yet
8. Plan ventilation system
I have worked on this and found some 10″ insulated flexible duct for a great price at the Restore. Using this larger ductwork should help with the air distribution.
9. Resolve door issues–pending
10. Get insulation inspections–not ready yet!
11. Foam sheathing cracks/tape–not yet–get this done and we can call for the inspection.
12. Drywall exterior walls–not until after inspection
13. Patch concrete (floor) and caulk edges–Not on the near horizon but maybe if I get inspired when I’m cleaning the floor.
14. Clean and polish floor–have to get to this before guests come in late July.
15. Interior walls–pipe dream
16. Pour concrete slab–working on it.
17. Install spa–I wish
18. Excavate spa slab area–tomorrow!

Yes I was out of town for two weeks in May, and yes it has been raining almost non-stop all spring, but only two items crossed off? Starting to feel like we will never make progress. Again starting with something that is already done–seems like I really need to cross off something!
Summer List
1. Rebuild radiant system valves so chiller system will work with thermostats.
2. Install chiller to cool the house enough to work in it on hot days.
3. Rewire thermostats to add both heat and cool to their functionality.
4. Set up outdoor eating area for guests–Install new exterior lights.(OK also did this already but didn’t have it on a list.)
5. Prepare for new rubber tile patio and french door stoop.
6. Think about how to screen french doors.
7. Figure out overhang for exterior doors.
8. Remove siding from front of house.
9. Replace polyiso in exposed areas, wrap and install new siding.
10. Order pieces to rebuild trombe wall.
11. Finish spring list.

Well, fine, more to do. Each day we do something. It is working all day in a way that will complete this huge project that is difficult. But the actual work is still fun. I watched a documentary on building a tiny house and that took a year and over $26,000 to complete so I didn’t feel so badly about our house project.

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