What about a Winter List?

Frosted Tree

Frosted Tree

We are two weeks into the new year and it is time to consider the plans for this winter. We are working away at the house. So much so that it will be great to take a little time off next week. In the meantime I can plan what we need to get done before drywall goes up.

Our fall list had some good accomplishments.

Fall 2016 List

  1. Schedule electrician to wire remodel
  2. Pass electrical inspection
  3. Schedule return of electricians to install outlets and switches
  4. Schedule plumber to install rough plumbing
  5. Pass plumbing inspection
  6. Pass structural inspection
  7. Finish membrane on walls
  8. Build ventilation chase
  9. Install ductwork for ventilation
  10. Schedule drywall
  11. Install radon fan and piping
  12. Install ventilation system and outdoor piping
  13. Plan for crawlspace ventilation
  14. Fix crawlspace radon mitigation
  15. Install polyiso in crawlspace
  16. Install tile on slab periphery
  17. Install siding (front)

We finally had the electrical rough install finished and passed the inspection. I decided to do the rough plumbing myself and that passed inspection. And due to my brother’s help the front of the house got sided and the ventilation soffit started.

So the new list has to build on what didn’t get finished on the old one. We can’t have the structural inspection until I finish the ventilation and have the HVAC inspection for that system.

  1. Finish ductwork for ERV
  2. Pass HVAC inspection
  3. Finish all door frames
  4. Pass structural inspection
  5. Finish membrane on walls
  6. Run master bedroom thermostat wire
  7. Close up wiring chase
  8. Install membrane over wiring chase and any other ceiling space not yet finished.
  9. Run central vacuum piping in duct soffit
  10. Install central vacuum ducts
  11. Install wireless devices to monitor home comfort and energy use
  12. Fix electrical wiring to wood boiler secondary pump
  13. Schedule drywall
  14. Fix crawlspace radon mitigation
  15. Install polyiso in crawlspace
  16. Install radon fan and piping
  17. Install tile on floor periphery
  18. Install crawlspace ventilation fan and duct

There is not one thing I can cross off the winter list yet. But I hope to get the ventilation ductwork completed soon. And I’m installing wireless monitoring devices that monitor heat and energy use and air quality for boosting the ventilation system when needed. Using the NEST thermostat is just the beginning. I will post more about these systems soon.

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