Plan for the Summer

We are taking the grandkids camping this week but then the family is leaving town for the rest of the summer. That gives us some unbroken time to do some finish work on the house. I have not made a planning list in a long time but now that I’m waiting for a decision on LEED I feel the need to make a summer plan. I will just start with this list in no particular order. This is just about every project I’d like to do eventually.

  1. Finish outside front trim
  2. Build shelves in family room closet
  3. Add handle to family room closet
  4. Fix insulation in attic ceiling over ERV
  5. Add xps to rear attic hatch door
  6. Spray insulation on outdoor utility room corner
  7. Spray insulation under middle bedroom sill
  8. Spray at corner of front patio door trim
  9. Spray insulation on crawlspace exposed wall
  10. Seal rear of closet loft
  11. Build insulated box around chimney
  12. Clean,reseal, and polish concrete floor
  13. Sand and glue rear bedroom floor
  14. Clean and paint baseboards
  15. Install baseboards
  16. Install corian shelf
  17. Install siding at back door
  18. Fix pergola where tree limb fell
  19. Cut back pergola for spa cover
  20. Install alternate filter pump on spa
  21. Fix spa leak at jet
  22. Install new spa pack
  23. Disconnect flashing erv control
  24. Repaint front door trim
  25. Repaint garage
  26. Clear out excess materials in garage.
  27. Finish patio edging
  28. Put up log pergola and install rubber tile floor
  29. Create path to playground

By midsummer only six out of 29 accomplished. I have one week left. The rest of the summer we are traveling.

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