Drywall Prep: Moving Stuff

Tools, furniture, kitchen–moving it all out to the garage, which is of course not large enough so quickly ordered two storage units from MyWay to hold more stuff!

MyWay Delivery

MyWay Delivery

We packed the garage as tight as we could.

Pile o'Chairs

Pile o’Chairs

And all the pillows from the couches and chairs (as well as the guest bed) were put in the sleeping loft in the guest bedroom!

Pile o'Pillows

Pile o’Pillows

The house is definitely starting to look empty.
Master Bedroom Cleared

Master Bedroom Cleared

Family Room Cleared

Family Room Cleared

There were so many unorganized tools to put away! Some just got put in boxes to organize “later”!
Table o'Tools

Table o’Tools

We have one more day to finish a long list of to do’s before the drywall hangers arrive on Monday morning. We may need a bit o’luck.

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