A Fall List?

It’s a little late in the fall to post a new list of tasks for the house, but I have been working from a list and I think I should share it. First, a review of the summer list. I believe more items were crossed off this list than many of the previous lists! Good progress for summer and beginning of fall.

1. Move more furniture back into the house to clear up working space in the garage.
Before the drywall the furniture in the family room was sitting on the foam area that needs to be prepped for tile.
Should I move it back and then have to move it to do the tiling or should I do the tiling first? I will have to move the furniture out of the way to finish the tiling on the perimeter of the house.
2. Set up master bath.
This requires finishing the wall paint job, I did clean the medicine cabinet but I might need to just remove it and reset it.

3. Paint master bath brick wall.
4. Remove and reset medicine cabinet in master bath.
5. Lay tile in master bath.
6. Hook up tub drain and faucet.
7. Find ceiling fan and install in master bedroom.
8. Install header over window in master bedroom. Seal with polyiso and siga membrane.
9. Bring the doors and trim wood into the garage for storage.
10. Install more light fixtures.
11. Finish family room outlets.
12. Arrange furniture in family room.
13. Install family room bathroom sink and new faucet.
14. Install safety bar by guest toilet for Mom.
15. Put rug in second bedroom and place futon against wall with pillows. Changed this plan when we needed the space to store the dressers.
16. Reinstall trombe wall glass and solar panel.
17. Hook up mini split air conditioner. Cannot hold pressure in mini split lines. They must have a leak.  Have to redo the flare joints and try again.

The list I have been working on is smaller in scope than the summer list. With house tours, presentations, and the solar conference I have been very busy.

  1. Electrical covers in family room closet and others
  2. Add track lights.
  3. Clean out garage and rearrange tools for winter.
  4. Install ERV vent covers and returns.
  5. Vacuum ERV vent shaft
  6. Clean beam
  7. Fix track lights in living room, family room, dining room
  8. Move furniture etc into house
  9. Unpack boxes moved into house.
  10. Install fire alarms
  11. Put Kerdi in master bath shower. Rear wall 9ft.
  12. Hang storage box/shelves over tub
  13. Grout tile over tub
  14. Install tile on perimeter of house floor
  15. Fix kitchen sink drain
  16. Install new spa pump and motor.
  17. Close hot tub siding
  18. Tile entry to family room bath
  19. Install coffee bar sink and faucet in dining room
  20. Hang pot ladder in kitchen
  21. Install shower light in family bathroom shower
  22. Install niche in family bathroom shower
  23. Install bench in family bathroom shower
  24. Cut granite for shower ledge/bench
  25. Install radon cover on sump tank

The summer list came closest to getting completed perhaps because I have a better idea of how much I can get done. Hope to also make that kind of progress on this new list. Since I have been working on it several of these tasks have been completed already.

I’m also considering what needs to be done to get the building permit finished. I believe that is only the final electrical, plumbing, structural, and HVAC. I think the HVAC and structural, are completed. The fire alarms need to be installed for the electrical and I need to finish the showers and the sink in the dining room to finish the plumbing. So those should be the priority.

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