If It’s On A List, Then It Must Get Done

Sooner or later the list must get done. It is past time to come up with a Spring list and I’m looking at the items that I have paid no attention to for a season and feeling like I had better get them done.

These two items have been hanging out on the list for a few seasons. Since we had the drywall started last April and painted in May, cleaning up should have happened by now right? I guess since it is overhead it was not right in front of my face it didn’t happen.

  • Vacuum ERV vent shaft (replace vacuum bag)
  • Clean beam

I stuck a bucket under the kitchen sink drain because it was leaking and over time it just stopped.

  • Fix kitchen sink drain

I suppose it got gunked up? Otherwise I actually did these items.

  • Grout tile over tub
  • Install bench in family bathroom shower
  • Schluter in family room bathroom shower
  • Replace filters on house water system
  • Install airlock entry door

I suppose these were half done since one shower is completed and the second one started. One door is hung. I used extra mortar to prep the perimeter of the concrete floor with Kerdi.

  • Level shower floors
  • Get showers tiled
  • Hang doors in the master bathroom and bedroom closet
  • Install tile on perimeter of house floor

Although it has to be done again, the inspector came over for a final which was great.

  • Get final inspection

And now on to the items that didn’t get done at all.

  • Install corian on top of vent shaft
  • Make corian tub tray for master bathroom
  • Wire thermostat and dimmer switch to ERV
  • Install new calcium filter on boiler supply
  • Install new TDS monitor on water supply
  • Foam gap at floor in storage closet

My son gave me a circuit design that might fix the issues I’m having with the ERV analog control and I’m working on that.
I have resolved to not add any new items to the list. Today I rewired the light in the kitchen and that was not on a list. I notice that I didn’t post anything about this project when I did it.

Kitchen Hanging Light

Kitchen Hanging Light

The decorative top piece was missing at the time and I found it a few months ago. I decided since I had the ladder out vacuuming the vent shaft I might as well fix the light. Of course the top piece had to have the wire threaded through it and I had to take the whole light down to do that. But now it has the “mountain” theme.

I bought this bronzed copper light in Arizona for $20 because it was missing a lamp shade. I looked and looked but could not find the exact shade so I replaced them with galvanized animal feed bowls for about $6. It was pretty hard to drill the holes in the center of the metal for the wiring to the light bulbs. So they are a little off center but I like the result.

Kitchen light with trim

Kitchen light with trim

Now back to the list…

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