Stud Wall Plans

I updated the stud wall plans to reflect a few of the changes from the original drawings. I’m using Sweet Home 3D which I downloaded for free several years ago. When I tried to open it I got an error message that the version I am using must use an older version of Java. This is apparently a common application problem so I was able to download the legacy Java Version 6 and install it to run the program.

This program is easier to use than the CAD Draftsight program that I also use for floor plans. It is not a full CAD program but made specifically to model houses. I like the 3D version of the plan that is created automatically.

Here is the 3D version of the revised stud walls. I created studs in the program and positioned them every 2 ft. The full size studs are in red, the 2 x 6 studs in green and the half wall is in blue. Sweet Home 3D also has premade furniture and fixture images so the bathrooms in this model have the fixtures included.

Stud Wall 3D Remodel 03_14_16

Stud Wall 3D Remodel 03_14_16

Below is the drawing for the above 3D image. I rotated it 180 degrees to be in the same orientation because the 3D image can be rotated and tilted to show detail and I thought the above image was the best for showing all the walls. This drawing is very close to scale for the house. I have included measurement lines for the rehabbed rooms. Unfortunately the posted pictures are way too small to see this detail.

Wall Remodel Drawing Plan Rotated 03_14_16

Stud Wall Remodel Drawing Plan Rotated 03_14_16

This plan shows dual opening windows which are not installed but it is too much trouble to redesign the window template. We decided to save money when purchasing the new windows so that only one side opens.

LEED requires a detailed stud use plan although this is not required when using recycled studs, I wanted to draw this out anyway. They recommend saving lumber by using a 24″ OC spacing. That spacing seems to build a sturdy interior non-weight bearing wall.

It is amazing that we are finally building walls in the house. But I guess it is about time.

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