Attic platform

I finished building the attic platform over the guest bathroom and pantry. This area is going to hold the ventilation system and also encloses the plumbing vent on this side of the house.

Wall Remodel Drawing Plan Rotated 03_14_16

Wall Remodel Drawing Plan Shows Triangle Bath and Pantry at Right

We have the walls up around the air lock entry, the closets and the Master bath and closet. Building the platform allows us to finish the wall between the bathroom and the kitchen and the one between the bathroom and the family room. Along with the utility room, those are all the new walls.

Attic deck

Attic deck

I had to buy a couple of 2×6’s to finish the deck. For some reason we are missing the 2×6’s from our tear down. I only had a couple and one that I used for the deck was really warped, but I used it anyway.

Blocking for warped 2x6

Blocking for warped 2×6 on Left

The plywood was from a Craigslist buy but I still have a lot of wood from that purchase including an extra 2×6.

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